We have recently received feedback regarding our billing screen. We appreciate your feedback and want you to know we are working to improve this and we have created a guide to our accounting screen.

Remember! The accounting department at Broome is always here to help! Give us a call any time you have a question.

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Frequently asked questions:


Q: What is the remaining balance on a policy? 

A: The “Prem Bal Due” box on the main page of the policy will reflect the remaining premium due, but it does not include fees. Be sure to add a $5.00 installment fee if on the I4 (Installment) plan, a $2.00 fee if on I3 (EFT) or I5 (Auto CC) plan and a $10.00 late fee if in non-payment.

Q: When is the next payment due date on a policy?

A: Navigate to the accounting screen using the blue “Accounting” button on the side menu panel. The “Billing Status” box at the bottom of the screen will show the next due date, amount and any remaining payments.

Q: How do I know what payment plan the insured is on?

A: There is a blue menu bar on the main page of the policy that states “Installment: (code)”

I1 – Annual

I4 – 4-Pay Installment

I3 – Monthly Automatic EFT – Bank Account withdrawals

I5 –  Monthly Automatic Credit Card withdrawals

Q: How do I know if the policy is escrow billed?

A: There is a blue menu bar on the main page of the policy that states “Bill To: (code)”

IN – Insured direct bill

M1 – Mortgagee bill

Q: How do I process a credit card or e-check payment from the insured?

A: Go to https://bcicny.com/payments/make-a-payment/ and select “Make a Payment”. This will lead you to BluePay, our third party payment processor.

Q: How to do I process an Agency Sweep?

A: In AgentConnect, bring up the policy under “Policy Inquiry”. On the policy screen, select “Submit Payment”. The system will ask you for the “Check Number” – this is only a reference field for your receipt, you can enter “cash” or the “check #”. Enter the payment amount. Based on the amount you entered, the system may prompt a payment plan selection. Click “Upload”, once uploaded you will have the ability to print a receipt for your records.