Dear Agency Partner:

Thank you for your kind wishes of congratulations on my new role as President & CEO of Broome Co-op.  I am excited to lead our organization through this time of rapid evolution in the P&C industry.  We understand the importance of staying relevant in spite of the push towards digital and direct channel solutions.  The insurance agencies and carriers that choose to embrace technology can and will create a customer experience better than anyone else.

Regardless of your preferred mode of communication, Broome is committed to remain EASY to work with.

You will always have access to online or underwriter assisted quoting.

You will always be able to talk to a “live” person during business hours.

Your insureds always have access to a friendly person to pay their bill quickly or report a claim.

We are continuously developing our products lines to adapt to new and emerging markets.

We are launching a social media campaign to build our brand and referrals to our independent agents.

On behalf of our entire Broome Co-op Family, we would like to thank you for your support of our local company.  We appreciate the opportunity to provide your customers with insurance coverage and look forward to our continued relationship.


Siobhan Davey
President & CEO