This weekend kicks off the unofficial start to summer.  Many folks will be having their first barbecue of the season or taking a road trip.  Memorial Day is a fun day of family, friends, and outdoor activities. Follow these quick and easy tips to stay safe and enjoy the long holiday weekend with your family and friends!

Do your part, be water smart!

Nearly 70% of pool drowning last year were children age 5 and under.  Designate adults to actively supervise children and pets around swimming pools.  Adult presence isn’t the same as active supervision.  An adult should always be in the pool with young children.

Don’t Drink and Drive

If you, or anyone you are celebrating the holiday with, consume alcohol, do not get behind the wheel.  One drink can severely impair your decision-making and motor skills. It has become easier than ever to utilize rideshare services.  Or call a friend or taxi.

Watch out for reckless drivers on the road

Even if you are practicing safe driving, others on the road may not be. Stay alert for distracted or reckless drivers and plan for extra time to allow for traffic.

Grill Safety

Clean your grill before use.  Watch our for children and pets around the hot grill.  Be sure to avoid wearing baggy clothing if you are grilling or near open flames.  Once you are done grilling, be sure to put out all the flames

Prepare your home for entertaining

If you are hosting a gathering at your home, take some time to prepare for your guests.  Be sure all walkways are clear and that handrails are secure.  Check all outdoor light bulbs and plan for temporary lighting in areas to allow enough light for your guests to safely enjoy your evening soiree.  Never leave candles unattended.  If you have rugs, make sure they are not slippery or that you have secured them.

Memorial Day weekend is a fun time to kick off the summer season with your family and friends.  Be sure to take some extra time to plan for everyone’s safety.  Remember that if you are hosting Memorial Day at your home, its a good time to review your insurance policy with you agent to make sure you have adequate coverage.  Looking for a policy?  Contact one of our independent agents for a quick and easy quote today!